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Frequently Asked Questions

Maris Education:  Here to Help

How does Maris Education serve Wisconsin schools and libraries as independent publishers' representatives?

Maris Education is Wisconsin's local contact for the leading state and national publishers.  Since our founding in 1979, we are based solely in Wisconsin to serve all Wisconsin Schools and Public Libraries.  We are your local contact to preview resources before making a district or library collection decision.  Many resources are exclusive.  We are here to answer your questions, schedule demos, previews, and presentations, and to provide prompt cost proposals.  You will receive fast, local support, service and follow-up as requested.

My library is interested in viewing the newest resources and purchasing them directly from the publisher.
When can I see Maris at my library?

By ordering directly from the publisher, you gain access to many exclusive resources, plus receive quick, highest fulfillment rate on your best chosen resources to serve your school or community.  Maris is available by appointment:  please click our Get In Touch button or complete our Contact form to initiate a future review meeting with your library team.

My school district will like an adoption quote.  How fast can we have a proposal and receive our materials?

Maris Education is here to provide prompt cost proposals for your district resource adoptions, ready for your school Purchase Order.  Once your Purchase Order is generated by your school district directly to the publisher, you may expect very prompt delivery of your resources.  We strive to save school district budgets in any way that is possible.  Shipping policy is set by each publisher and cost if applicable will be indicated on the proposal.    Backorders are very limited and usually involve the newest pre-publication items, which are still in production, and not yet in the warehouse.

How may I receive preview samplers or demos from Maris Education?

We have complimentary review samplers and digital demos available for many of our resources.  Click our Get In Touch button or complete our Contact form to initiate a sampler or demo request.  Also indicate your specific product, grade level(s), and school building shipping address.  We will accommodate your request as available in print or digital format.  We may also guide you to visit our publishers' links to directly access current digital downloads and additional media.  This service is provided complimentary from Maris Education.

Our curriculum adoption review team would like to learn more about your new classroom resources. Will you demo and present virtually, or in-person, for our district?

Simply click our Get In Touch button or complete our Contact form to initiate a meeting, demo and presentation.  Please indicate specific timetable, grade levels, # teachers reviewing, desired meeting format and site.  We will also provide complimentary print or digital demo samplers for your review team.  We are here to customize our presentation to meet your district's requirements.

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